Our collection features jewelry crafted from stainless steel, and there are many reasons to choose stainless steel jewelry:

  • Nickel free and hypoallergenic - Stainless steel is the perfect base material for those with sensitive skin as its known to not irritate skin.
  • Tarnish free - Our jewelry will not rust nor will it turn your skin green. After years of continuous wear, it will still look great! 
  • Affordability - There are so many options with stainless steel jewelry and they are extremely affordable! All our jewelry pieces are under $40!
  • Durability - Stainless steel is an extremely durable and sturdy material which makes it great for everyday wear.
  • Water-resistant. Our jewelry can withstand exposure to water without corrosion or rusting. One of the best parts of wearing jewelry is not having to worry about taking it off everytime you get in the water! 
  • Sustainable and 100% recyclable. Environmentally friendly, stainless steel is not coated with any toxic material and can be 100% recycled into the same product without reduction in quality.


To clean your jewelry, use warm water and mild liquid soap. After cleaning, polish and dry with a gentle cloth and store in your jewelry box or small pouch.


With time and exposure, gold plated jewelry can start to become dull. To increase the longevity of your jewelry:
  • Do not wear jewelry while swimming as chlorine and sea water can react with the metals
  • Avoid wearing jewelry when cleaning and using harsh chemicals
  • Avoid spraying perfume directly onto jewelry. We suggest wearing jewelry after you have sprayed on perfume
  • Store jewelry in your jewelry box or small pouch